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inicia "maniopra la cuatropea"

Hola seniorinas y hombres,

the sun is shining, it's quiet... the perfect day to start our "maniopra la cuatropea"!

what is the "maniopra"? see you soon...

hasta luego, hombrés!

Sergio Cabra y Muelle Alce

7.2.08 12:23


mejor que esperado

hi folks,

yesterday evening, we have a lot of fun in the secret hall of x. our half program was ahead of schedule nearly perfect... and this at the first time, long time ago! we'll achieve our aim few weeks earlier as intended... stay tuned for the next news!

sergio y muelle

8.2.08 09:06

we're very effective - yeah!

good morning chiccas and hombres,

last week, we're two times at work with our project... and what can we talk about it? ... hehe... especially the last time was very effective for us!

only muelle crashed with his shin in the chain and rip his leg... the pussy! ;-) ...ok, i've got blue spots, too!

so, you can see, our practice is hard... more news next week...

sergio y muelle 

23.2.08 09:01

intermission for this week!

"hello again, we said hello again"... *singing lalala*

yes, we're back and three days of hard training are over... today, we take a rest!

on saturday, muelle rides a 70km-trip with his bike. he need more condition, because he want to take part at few longdistance-bikeraces, this year! sergio was at the same time in a nice trialground and rasped on his technic.

the springlike sunday was the perfect day for the first sequences of our video, who is coming on 1st april, on this podcast! ;-) we're happy about the first results, because the most short-takes come off at the first go!

yesterday, we ride again to our "bikearea 51"! 15km cycling, 1 1/2h training and 15 back... there was a lot of fun, too! in every training a new tutorial - the advance suprised ourselves!

this week, we have a lot of work. so, the next blog about us is coming next week... with pictures... maybe! ;-)

stay tuned!

sergio y muelle

26.2.08 21:20


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