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the end is not far off...

hi bike-rabbits,

unbelievable headshakes at our sporty "host family" - only 9 times, we we're at the training and we can't hard to believe it, what we do! up to date are 97% of sergio's purpose and the surprise of all is muelle... he is better then 10 years ago!

we filmed again - the shortcuts are better as the first time. certainly, the new tutorials to be present. we collected a lot of material for the final cut... 10min outside- and 20 with the inside-part. that all for a ~6min-video, which is coming on 1st of april!!! the first testcut is promising...

on monday, we're in the "little hall"... the end is not far off... and we become flustered...

sergio "spielberg" y muelle "lucas"

14.3.08 07:57


everything is going to be alright

ohhh yes... we're happy about the feedback of our partners, who help us in our lessons!

today, we filmed the first time our indoor-performance... it's not 100% perfect, but for a first shot ok...

nicolas shaked his head: for the hard sequences, we need 3 times of training and the next tutorial is in our program! he wish, it would come off at himself in the same time. ok, his level is a little bit higher... for the statement...

we're happy-happy-happy....

sergio y muelle

11.3.08 07:30

a cup of tea, please?!

good morning peoples',

yesterday, it was unbelievable... muelle, the sod, brings three(!) groupies in the "bikearea51" and it get to a "teatime" - grrrr... we have only one 3 times of training and some units aren'n sample!

 where is the break in our privacy of the "maniopra"???


7.3.08 06:00

mental down...

good morning folks,

yesterday, we ride again... but it wasn't so good as the times before! :-(

muelle hurts his laps and i've got no power for the hard practices! but our timetable is better, as we think... we calculated with only one four times of training, because in the mid of march, there are the easter-holidays and the "bikearea51" is closed in that time!

a friend of us offers a 2nd hall for two or three more lessons, which is open in the holidays... yes!, we have more time to train and push up our skill for a perfect presentation!

we're suprised about our program: in only 3 weeks, we assambled 35 tutorials for a nice sequence... so yesterday, it's get over for the actual result!

at thursday, the practice continiues...

 sergio y muelle

4.3.08 07:57

intermission for this week!

"hello again, we said hello again"... *singing lalala*

yes, we're back and three days of hard training are over... today, we take a rest!

on saturday, muelle rides a 70km-trip with his bike. he need more condition, because he want to take part at few longdistance-bikeraces, this year! sergio was at the same time in a nice trialground and rasped on his technic.

the springlike sunday was the perfect day for the first sequences of our video, who is coming on 1st april, on this podcast! ;-) we're happy about the first results, because the most short-takes come off at the first go!

yesterday, we ride again to our "bikearea 51"! 15km cycling, 1 1/2h training and 15 back... there was a lot of fun, too! in every training a new tutorial - the advance suprised ourselves!

this week, we have a lot of work. so, the next blog about us is coming next week... with pictures... maybe! ;-)

stay tuned!

sergio y muelle

26.2.08 21:20

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