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goats and moose: the outtakes!

hello there,

a nice weekend is behind us (muelle trained for the race, sergio have got a bikeshow near benztown) and it goes forward with our story...

we filmed a lot of sequenzes for our movie. in hollywood-style, for some good parts, there are a lot of shit in the archive. ;-)

we present: the outtakes!


sergio and muelle

17.4.08 06:50


- HOT - muelle @ 24h-race in mines - HOT -

good morning freeeeeeekzzzzz,

yesterday, we read in a online-bikemagazine about a 24h-race arround the buildings of the "2nd german television" from 11th to 12th may. only 300 teams are allowed, but my brother muelle alce and his zabotrails-friend raoul avellana offer a place as a 2-tag-team at the list of participants!

informations about the race: it is a really short but fast track of 3km (the most races have got a 7km-round), but the time of 24 hours is the same. the race is going live on tv at the start-shot and if the first teams arrive the finishline. maybe, shortcuts can be assigned in the course of the day!

look at the "tv-garden" @ the 2nd german television and look at checkered sox, too... it's raoul! :-)

START: 11.05., 12h, ZDF /// FINISH: 12.05., 12h, ZDF

 sergio (coach and buttkicker for muelle @ the race)

11.4.08 06:58

muchos gracias!

good morning folks,

we said "muchos gracias" for the overhelming feedback. we're happy you like the movies!


we have now entered the famous stage. our degree of popularity is so high now we're able to break all rules! >:-) in the next days, we quote few mails from the feedbacks... and a outtake is also available! stay tuned, it's not over!

sergio y muelle

9.4.08 08:04

proudly present: "THE GANADERO" - the movie

ladies and gentlemen, moose and goats!

now, here is the presentation of our unspectacular, unnormal and absolutely unnecessary bikevideo... turn up your stereos, because your neighbours were love it, too!

 enjoy it!

sergio cabra y muelle alce

1.4.08 06:19


good morning bikerabbits,

tomorrow is the great day, but now... here is a little aperetif for you. enjoy it!

sssssergiooooo and muuuuuuelleeeeee 

31.3.08 06:17

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