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mountainbikeshoes? primaballerinas?

the countdown runs... only 2 days!

but what is this? mountainbikeshoes? primaballerinas? we said: 1st april! :-)

(pssst: fu**** picture-editor... sometimes the pic is not available, sorry!)

30.3.08 08:34


tartaaa - the next trailer...

hi folks, here is the next trailer...

thursday night, 1 o'clock: the first part of the finalcut is finished... i've got a lot of fun at the cutting. on SU/MO, little pictures will be present...

stay tuned!


28.2.05 17:13

postproduction in work...

ohhh yeeezzzzzzzz, yezzzzzzzterday, we filmed the last indoor-takes and finished the active-part of our project.

a low-budget-production with a hollywoodlike party... we clink glasses with 3 bottles tequila, goat and moose... skoll! :-)

out now, we're in the postproduction... the first impression of the precut was very good and you can to be glad for a abnormal bikemovie, har har har.

until tuesday, we provide an insight into the project, with little shortcuts... enjoy it!

muelle y sergio

27.3.08 09:10

1st trailer

hi folks,

here is our first trailer... it's a test, because we've got a new vid-program for the final cut.

more in the next days, sugars!

sergio y muelle

21.3.08 13:38

one wheel is (not) enough...

hi bikefriends,

yesterday, we were at the small training-hall for the last shots. we think, we're ready with our inside-part, because the visual effect in that hall is an other like our "bikehall51". it's ok and we think, we have a good material for a nice suprise at 1st.

in the rest, we try to ride a unicycle... it was very funny! sergio rides just for fun 10 years ago, muelle is a rookie on this vehicle, but with a helper on his left side, it was possible to ride a lot of metres.

we hope, we have one or two days with a sunny weather, yet. but the forecast said the reverse for the next week - shit! please, keep your fingers cross for a good weather and we can take the last sequences to complete our bike-surprise...

sergio y muelle

18.3.08 15:42

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